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More Books..
Annette, Mystery at Smugglers' Cove
Item is FOR SALE.
2.95 + 4.95 S/H
Coming of age story for young adults.
Annette, the Desert Inn Mystery
Item is FOR SALE.
2.95 + 4.95 S/H
Do you think Annette gets away from the red car? Does she solve the mystery at the Desert Inn?
Five Little Martins
Item is FOR SALE.
2.95 + 4.95 S/H
"Little Women light"
Item is FOR SALE.
3.95 + 4.95 S/H
Events of a young girl in her grandfather's care in the Swiss Alps. A very cheerful story.
Jack and Jill
Item is FOR SALE.
1.50 + 4.95 S/H
c. 1930,
Sweet old-fashioned story about growing up. A timeless classic. First published in 1880.
The Bobbsey Twins In the Country
Item is FOR SALE.
2.95 + 4.95 S/H
c. 1930,
Bobbsey family rode train to Meadow Brook Farm to visit aunt, uncle, cousins.
The Vicar of Wakefield
Item is FOR SALE.
3.95 + 4.95 S/H
c. 1910,
Period piece of 18th century beloved for generations. Sort of a "father knows best" 18th century style.
More Antiques..
Chemold Rod Laver Racquet
Item is FOR SALE.
20.00 + 8.00 S/H
c 1964,
Vintage 1960's Chemold Rod Laver professional racquet, model #211712.
Full-size Violin
Item is FOR SALE.
2500.00 + 150.00 S/H
c 1948,
Full-size Violin, two Bows, heavy-duty lined case, shoulder rest and resin.
Hohner 2309/32 Echo Harmonica
Item is FOR SALE.
30.00 + 5.95 S/H
c 1960,
Hohner 2309/32 Echo harmonica, great for ballads, gospel and folk music in great condition.
Porcelain Salt & Pepper Shakers
Item is FOR SALE.
15.00 + 5.95 S/H
c 1940,
This cute little salt and pepper set is from the 1940s. They are fine quality glazed porcelain, in excellent condition. ..
Sandra Lemmon-Orton is also Author of
"FAS - A Cry For Help" and "Wanting To Live" - sunflower